How To Find Blogger Who Live in Your Area

Find Blogger Who Live in Your Area

How To Find Blogger Who Live in Your Area:  Today in CurrentWeek you will let to know How To Know Bloggers Who Live In The Same Area. The Best Place to Learn Blogging. As a blogger, of course, we must be able to establish a social rope and a good relationship in order to reflect the true attitude of Blogger Indonesia. Now, we fellow bloggers communicate through existing social media, but sometimes there are also bloggers., which is to meet and interact in person. But we can also gather with Bloggers who live not far from where we live, then how do we know there are bloggers near his house? In this article, I will give a Blogging Tutorial namely How To Know Bloggers Who Live In The Same Area.

How To Find Blogger Who Live in Your Area

As I said before, there are usually Bloggers who hold a gathering, but sometimes it doesn’t work because the place is very far from each Blogger. Now, but we can cooperate with Bloggers who are in the same area as us, but we must first find out if there are bloggers living in our area?
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Alright, without further ado, here’s how to find out the blogger who lives in the same area.

Copy and Paste the following link in your browser’s address bar

Link for blogger one country, Indonesia ID
With one country code namely Indonesia as above, after pressing the Enter button, my friend will see all the list of Blogger Indonesia.

Link for one province blogger Java + West
This second link is useful for finding Bloggers who live in the same province, for example, I take the province of West Java where I currently live.

Link for one district/city blogger Java + West & loc2 = Karawang
Now and on this last link will display all the list of Bloggers who live in the district or city.

Information :

Change the code written with a red background as you wish
If the name of a province or city consists of two words, then you only need to add a plus sign ( + ) just like Java + West.
That’s How to Know Bloggers Who Live in the Same Area as possible This way I hope my friend can meet with friends from one area in arms and further strengthen the sense of social cohesion among Blogger Indonesia.

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