How to Find Copyright Free Images

How to Find Copyright Free Images:- Every picture in the internet world certainly has its own license and usage rights and you can’t take it easily without thinking about it because the image you took could be a violation of copyright and make it Illegal so my friend could have been sued for out matters. Especially we as a Blogger or for those of you who want to register as a Google AdSense Publisher must always pay attention to this and you must ensure that all the images on your blog that images can be reused, do not violate copyright and free copyright. Then how do you search for images legally and for free?

Image is one important element for a website or blog. In every article on your blog, you must have at least 1 picture as a pointer to the picture, because actually, the picture can tell more. But are the images legal or illegal? If you take a picture from Google Image directly and then upload it again then, of course, it’s an illegal image because you don’t know what the image has a license and usage rights for.

Especially for my friend who wants to become a Google AdSense Publisher and will register the blog, so my friend must make sure all the contents including the pictures are unique and legal. So this tutorial is also very suitable for Google AdSense Publishers. How to find legal images for free this time, we will use Google Image Search, but there are some settings that must be changed.

How to Find Copyright Free Images

Follow the steps to find the images 

1. Open Google Image
First, open  Google Image then just type in the keyword and an image will appear with the friend you typed earlier. 

2. Open Settings
Look to the right there will be a Gear or Settings icon, just click then several options will appear, select Advanced Search or Advanced Search 

3. Select Usage Rights or Usage Rights
After opening the Advanced Settings, my friend will find several columns, then just scroll up to the lowest column namely, Usage Rights. click the column and there will be a choice of usage rights, choose according to your needs. Or if you are confused, just choose the lowest option, namely Free to Use, Share, or Modify even commercially. After that, click the Advanced Search button below
Then after loading the images will appear immediately licensed free to use and legal and free to put on your blog buddy. 

4. Verify With TinEye
 If you are still unsure or doubtful about the image presented by Google Image Advanced Search, you can be sure of its legacy on TinEye . Buddy just upload or type the image URL then TinEye will really ensure its usage rights. Now that’s how to find legal images for free for blogs, so with this article, I hope you can find good images that are legally licensed can be used again for your blog articles so that your blog’s reputation is getting better away from plagiarism.

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