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How To Start a Blog and Make Money in Just 2 Hour

Earn Money From Blogging

Want Start your own blog and want earn money from it?

Well, So you are in the right place. In this blog’s first post I will let you know that How To Start a Blog and Make Money From it.

People start blogging for the various reason just like below-

  • Sharing the new things they learned
  • Presenting your thoughts
  • Making Money from it
  • Free gadgets review and stuff
  • Free travel
  • For opening startup

and many other things.

If you will create a blog and start doing your work there then you will get paid as well as you will also earn fame from the Internet.

Here I have shared a detailed guide on How to a Start Blog and Earn Money From it.

Here are the steps are given on How To Start a Blog and Make Money which you will have to follow–

  1. Find the perfect Niche
  2. Choose the blogging Platform
  3. Pick the Domain and Hosting Platform
  4. Setting up the Blog
  5. Install WordPress on your Blog
  6. Customize your Blog via WordPress Dashboard
  7. Start Posting in your blog
  8. Drive Traffic
  9. Monetize your blog
  10. Earn money from blogging

How To Start a Blog and Make Money

OK, Now lets get into these Steps-

Find the Perfect niche

The first thing is What will be your blog about? So, Decide it first before going to start your blog.

Chose only those topics on which you are expert and you can write a lot of thing about that thing.

Here are the some topic on which you go with your blog-

  • Motivation
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Photography
  • Scientific
  • Research
  • Babycare
  • Health care

many more

Pick a Blogging Platform. Free Or Paid

Now it’s time for choosing a Blogging platform on which you are going to start your blog and make money. There are two types of blog you can make are given below-


If you are new and you don’t want to put your money into it then you can go with Free Blogging Platforms.

Some free blogging platforms are blogger.com, wordpress.com, Drupla, Joomla, Wix and many more. If you go with a free blog then there will be many restrictions like. Customising, ranking and other things also.


In the paid platform You will need to pay for the Domain and Hosting. WordPress.org is the best platform and very easy to use for the beginner as well. In this post, we are choosing the Paid Method.

Buy the Appropriate Domain and Hosting

While choosing your domain to keep in the mind that your domain should be Short, Easy to remember, pronounceable and must be related to your blog Niche. Always go with the .COM for the worldwide ranking. You can also pick the .net and .org and the regional ranking you can with .in , .us and other extensions.

You have purchased your domain and it’s time for the Hosting. Well, The hosting is the place where your blog will reside and all your files will be stored there. Always chose a powerful hosting so your blog will fast and responsive. Here is the Best Hosting providers.

I will suggest you to purchase you hosting from the Hostinger.in becasue it’s very cheap and fast. in the beginning choose shared hosting because there will be less load on your site in starting and shared hosting is cheap.

Setting up Your Blog

Now you are done with purchasing a domain and It’s the main work has come which is How To Start a Blog and Make Money and hosting it’s time to set up your blog. There are the two methods to set up one is the Auto Installer and another is Manual Installer. We will go through the Auto Installer because it’s easy and fast.

Here the steps for the auto installer-

  • Login in to your control panel and click on the Auto Installer.
  • In the search field type WordPress and hit the Search button and chose the latest version of WordPress and hit the next button.
  • Next, fill the required details such as domain address of your website, tagline, Language, website title, administrator username, password and email id.
  • Click the Install button.

Now the wordPress will be install in your Hosting.

Now copy if you have purchased your domain from another Registrar so you need to copy the DNS from your Cpanel and Past it to you Domain Setting into DNS.

Customizing Your Blog

It’s time to customize your blog after setting up it. Login your website dashboard you can visit the login panel by Putting /wp-admin after your domain here is the example- Example.com/wp-admin enter the credential which you have given while you were setting up your blog and get logged in. Now you will see this screen.

Choose Theme

Chose the best theme which you like or which suits on your blog. You can install the plugin from the Appearance>Theme and search the plugin or chose anyone and hit on install.

Install Plugins

Install some important plugins which help you to grow your blog. Here some important plugins which you must have-

  • Yoast SEO
  • Lite Speed Cache
  • Monster Insight
  • WPSmush

and others necessary plugins also.

Blog Writing Tips

Your blog is fully created and everything is done. Now, It’s time to do work on your blog customize the plugins which I have listed above and start your fist post. Before posting any article keep in mind these things

Pick Your Post Topic– Choose the topic you are going to post and learn each and everything about that and start writing.

Pick Images for better Illustration your Post– Add some images in your post because one images is better than thousand words. People will get understand sooner with the images.

Keep Maintained SEO– While you are writing your blog focus on the main word which you are targeting to get search on Google. use you Target keyword in H1 Heading and your post length should be minimum 500 words and medium length of post is 1000 to 1500, So keep your length medium.

Read and Re-read- Once you have completed a post, leave it and come back after a while with a fresh mind and fresh eyes. Read and re-read it for finding any grammatical mistakes and also to ensure that you have covered your each point in a concise manner.

Now publish the post and share on social media and submit in google webmaster tool.

Now keep posting your blog so it will grow and the traffic will in your blog.

Tips for Driving traffic in your Blog

The more traffic will come in your blog the more money you will generate from it.

Here are the tips to get traffic in your blog-

  • Share your post in social media
  • Do commenting
  • Focus on SEO
  • Use Email marketing
  • Do more post in your blog
  • Use some SEO tool like Ahref

How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Blogging now becoming a very trendy full-time career. and If you have created a successful blog then there are plenty of ways you can get paid through it.

Here I am giving some proven ways to earn money from blog-

  1. Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Link
  2. PPC ( Pay Per Click) from Google Adsense
  3. You can Sell your AD space also
  4. Sell your own digital product in your blog
  5. You can ask for a donation from the viewers of your blog
  6. Publish some Sponsored post in your blog
  7. You can also sell your website on flippa which is called website flipping.

I have tried to cover each and everything in this “How To Start a Blog and Make Money” post, but if still, you are having doubt in your mind related this feel free to comment below and ask your queries. Thank You.

All the best with your BLOG

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