Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence(ai) is also known as machine Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of the computer system or machines to be intelligent which can perform the task like a human.

Here are the activities which artificial intelligence machines are designed for-

  • Ai Speech recognition
  • Ai Learning
  • Ai Planning
  • Ai Problem Solving

What is Machine Learning in Computer?

Machine learning is the concept of Computer science where a machine can learn and adapt the new data and information without any human interference. It is a Machine that acts like a human and it improves their learning over time.

Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Ai Stand for Artificial Intelligence which acquires the knowledge and applies the knowledge.

Ai is the ability of the machine which acts like a human.

It improves machine success.

It takes the decision but not learn things from data.
Example Technology- Siri, Alexa, Tesla, etc

Machin learning

ML stands for machine learning which defined for the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

It’s the subset of the Ai.

ML improves the accuracy of the machine by the acquisition of data.

ML learn things by taking new information and data.

Example- Classification, Extraction, learning, etc

Advantages of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are one of the fastest-growing technology in the current ear as well as in future also. There are enormous advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

1. Reduction in Human Error:
Human makes mistakes from the time to time and Human can barely work 6 to 8 hours a day after that it feels tired and lazy so it will increase the chance of the error.
But Computers won’t make any mistakes if they are programmed properly.

2. Speed Work:
Machines are very fast than human and Artificial Programmed will be faster and it will take quick decisions and action. So Artificial Intelligence will increase the speed of work.

3. Availability:
Machines are available 24×7 and they can work without any break and machines will not be bored. So they give a better output than humans.

4. Taking Risk:
By developing the artificial intelligence machine, Human can overcome the risk and limitations, Suppos human is not taking the risk to go the Mars but instead of the human Ai machine can go there and work more than human without food and also for a long duration.

5.Digital Assistance:
Some of the high tech organizations use digital assistants to talk and interact with customers. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence the organization can set up the Chatbot and voice assistance also.
Example – When we call to customer care then there is automated voice support that can take the input and gives it the desired output.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
As we know that Machine Learning and AI are the fastest-growing technology in the current era and there so many advantages we have discussed above. But everything got good and bad side, and the bad of the “ Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” is given below-

1. Unemployment:
When all work int the industries and in the organization will start to be done by the machine and robots, So there will be no need for a human in companies. So all the employee will lose their jobs and the machine will work instead of them. So it will increase unemployment in the world.

2.High Cost:
All the machine which are programmed for artificial intelligence is very costly.  Creating an Ai machine is so complex so it takes a lot of time and cost. Ai machines need to be repaired maintained frequently so it will also cost.

3. No Creativity:
Machine learning concepts are based on their algorithms, so the machine will only learn which they are prepared to be learned they cant to be creative. The machine can help humans to do work and design and create something. Machines can’t think and imagine like human and they cant be creative mind like a human.

4. Harmful :
If the machine is not programmed correctly or if there is some mistake while creating an AI machine, So it will be so harmful to humans.

5.Lead us to the lazy human:
As we know that machines can work faster and smartly and humans will make use of it. So the human will be star dependent on it and they will not do their own work. It will lead us to the Lazy human beings.

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