Is it Safe to Use Zoom App?

Zoom Meeting App is not Safe

Is it Safe to Use Zoom App: Due to Coronavirus lockdown is going to in India. people associated with many political parties, companies that are working from home, They using Zoom Meeting App. It is a free video-conferencing app. Users can talk to hundreds of people at the same time.  now, reported that its use is not safe. It can be easily hacked.  No government meeting will be held with this app, plus no one should use this app.

Is it Safe to Use Zoom App

Earlier, CERTN (Computer Emergency Response Team),  cybersecurity agency in India, issued a warning to Indians people using the Zoom app. The Canadian Research Organization Citizen Lab also found that the app uses a Chinese server to distribute encryption and description ‘key’ whereby people can be linked.

This app is not encrypted End to End

The zoom app is not end-to-end encrypted. End to End encrypted means that only the sender and receiver can read the messages. but in zoom app mediator is also being there. It can be easily hacked.  the third person can also read the message easily. for instance, WhatsApp is an end to end encrypted app.

Many videos of video calling from the zoom app leaked on the Internet

The Washington Post has done a study about the zoom app. It was found that a lot of meeting video and video calling videos from this app are present on the Internet. The question comes in mind, how did these leaks happen. According to experts, there are many tools through which zoom videos can be found and brought on the Internet. Another special thing is that Zoom app founder Eric Yuan is Chinese American. He has also apologized for this in his interview with the Wall Street Journal. They have promised that they will resolve all its security issues within three months.

In Britain, a cabinet meeting with Zoom also came on the Internet.
According to Pawan Duggal, India’s cybersecurity expert, “Government, politicians as well as each people should not use this app it can be dangerous. Its link to China is very worrying. The cabinet meeting was held in Britain through zoom app. It was found on the Internet in a short time. ”

This app has been sued in the US. It has been said that its data is being shared with other companies like Facebook. Also, the user’s webcam can be hacked with this app. The German Foreign Ministry has also banned the use of the zoom app. Along with this, the search engines Google and Elon Musk’s Space X Agency have also banned this app. Singapore has also banned the use of this app for teachers.

Active users increased by 20 times in a month due to Lockdown
Due to worldwide lockdown is being worked from Home. After this, the app has benefited immensely. Its active users were one crore in December 2019, which increased to 20 crores in a month of months. Also  zoom app founder Eric Yuan grew by 112 percent in net worth. Now his net worth has reached $ 7.5 billion.

The defense minister had done video conferencing with army chiefs through zoom app

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had a meeting with Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, besides the Chief of Army, Navy, and Airforce on April 1 from the Zoom app itself, in which the situation becomes very worrying. This not only applies to Rajnath Singh but also to all Indians who use it. Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal was also seen on this app video from Apple’s MacBook Air laptop. According to a BBC report, US National Security Agency hacker Patrick Wardley has reported that Mac users can be hacked to a webcam and microphone by using this app.

Major parties of India meet with the zoom app
Indian leaders seem oblivious to security concerns regarding the zoom app. BJP, Congress and other parties make full use of this app. Captain Amarinder Singh, Anand Sharma, Bhupesh Baghel and Ghulam Nabi Azad are also using this app. Since 21 days of lockdown in India. Since then everyone has been working from home. After started this app to be used very fast in India. In mid-February, one lakh 70 thousand people used to download this.

Your security is in your hands.after read zoom app privacy and security issues: is it safe or not, if you still use this app then you are axing your feet.

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