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New Aviation Technology

New Aviation Technology

New Aviation Technology Development: Since many years ago, even decades ago we would have known of an aeroplane. This air lane vehicle and the fastest has been more advanced over the times. From the shape of the aircraft, the flight attendants, until the flight system is now getting better and certainly more modern. Talking about technology, we go back to a few years ago where there was a tragedy in the fall of the plane of the mud in the waters of the Indian Ocean which until now has not been found.

New Aviation Technology

A few days ago, the police found the result of the loss of the plane years ago and found no trace and whereabouts. Apparently, the pilot intentionally committed suicide by learning a way to distract. Through technology, he applied it in an aircraft system. Of course a lot of aircraft development caused by technological advances. Among others are :

New Aviation Technology

Some of latest new development in the aircraft field is going on a take a look below-

Detecting aircraft

There is a tool or application specifically for the world of aviation, the presence detection system that functions as a tool to find out or detect which aircraft are in the area. Not only that, this technology also serves to find out and direct the path which is passed by the aircraft. So if at any time there is a storm or strong wind and the aircraft is misdirected, this system can find out its whereabouts and can immediately send emergency assistance.

Estimating the weather

There is also a tool specifically used to find out the upcoming weather. This technology is certainly more specific because it can find out in detail. Unlike applications on mobile phones that are sometimes incompatible. With this technology, it will reduce the risk of aircraft accidents caused by storms and or other bad weather. So if it is estimated that there will be a great storm that can be known and could delay the flight schedule of the aircraft.

Avoiding collisions or collisions with other aircraft

Sometimes due to bad weather, the direction or path of the aircraft often deviates from the estimation so that the aircraft is shaking or colliding with other aircraft. Learning from these problems we can learn that there is a modern technology that is used specifically to prevent this from happening. Where from these tools we can see if there are other aircraft in the direction or path of our plane. From a distance, the pilot can be told to avoid it. And this, of course, is only made specifically for the world of aviation.


In the past, the prohibition on using cellphones on aeroplanes was no longer a secret. Because the plane anticipates that at any time there is lightning or lightning. The lightning or lightning will hit the plane because there is a cellphone that is turned on. When this has been made a new technology where technology can prevent us from lightning or lightning strikes if we play cellphones. So no need to be afraid anymore.

Now that was some of the technological advancements in the world of aviation. Not only that, actually there are many more. Of course, you already know how advanced the world of aviation is today. From the start of the ticket purchasing system, inspection of goods, to the placing of goods in his luggage. Everything is already using the help of modern technology. So that only a little need for human supervision. Not only from the technology system, but we can also see there are flight attendants who are there. Also experienced a lot of progress, from the appearance, service, and speaking style.

Now wrapping up this New Aviation Technology article here with a Big Thank You. 🙂

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