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Everything about Valorant Game Alpha, Beta, Release Date, Download link, map, Characters and abilities

Everything about Valorant Game:Riot Games announced in October 2019 that Valorant game is about to come. Now on the 7th April 2020 the game Valorant is launched but it is the closed beta. The game is not out yet officially but it looks like boom. Riot Games has developed it and it’s not confirmed the actual date when it’s going to be launched but they said it will be launch in 2020. you can visit on the official website of Valorant.
Valorant is the 5v5 Player FPS(First person shooter) video game which looks like Counter-Strike Go where the 5 player team will plant the bomb and 5 playerteams will defend it.

Everything about Valorant Game

How to Get Valorant Beta Release?

To getting Valorant beta realse is not quite simple, But three-steps are very easy, Here it is-
  1. Sign up for the official Riot Game account
  2. Sign up for the Twitch TV Account Click Here
  3. Link your both Riot Games and Twitch Games account
Once you
have done all the things, Now it’s time to watch the games on I am giving a link where you can watch Valorant Games Watch Here. if you followed up the above-given steps then the Riot games will select the random user and the Beta Key will be awarded to them. So it’s quite hard to get the beta release.

Valorant release date:

Riot gaming hasn’t confirmed the release date yet, But the beta release date was the 7 April 2020 and it’s beta is already out you can find the Beta Key as I have given the above instruction. Valorant expected release date is in the late summer 2020.

Where to Download Valorant?

The game is not officially released so the downloading page is not provided yet but if the game will be out officially then as expected it will be on website. Stay connected with this site and on the Twitter account of the Valorant.


Characters and abilities in Valorant Game:

Valorant bring the 10 characters which are also known as the Agent, These all agent got the different kind of abilities.
Here are the name and it’s abilites-

1. Sova:

  • Shock bolt- Hits the enemies that can bounce over the wall
  • Owl Dron- Flies the recon and shoot the enemies with the fire arrow
  • Recon Bolt- Fires a tracking arrow that reveals player locations within a particular area.
  • Hunter’s Fury- Fires three shots which will pierce walls and damages opponents.


  • Healing Orb- Fire this at an ally to heal them. Not instant, but heals over time.
  • Resurrection- Can resurrect teammates.
  • Barrier Orb- Places a solid wall.
  • Slow Orb- AOE ability that slows opponents.

3. Phoenix:

  • Hot hands- Makes a fire zone that damages enemies.
  • Run it Back-  create a mark on the ground for teleport.
  • Blaze- Creates a flame wall that deals damage and obscures vision.
  • Curveball – A controllable flash grenade. It blinds both team and enemies

4. Viper:

  • Toxic Screen- Fire a wall of poison smoke.
  • Viper’s Pit- Makes a large expanding sphere of poison around you.
  • Snake Bite- Fires down a pool of poison that damages opponents.
  • Poison Cloud- Throws down a cloud of poison gas that can be activated later.
5. Breach:
  • Fault line- Chargeable attack.
  • Rolling Thunder-Fires and knock enemy but doesn’t hurt or damge.
  • Aftershock- Fires a charge through the wall, but takes a moment to charge.
  • Flashpoint- Attack a blinding charge through walls.
  • Dark Cover- Fires an orb that obscures vision.
  • From the Shadows – Can teleport to anywhere in map.
  • Shrouded Step – Can teleport to a marked location.
  • Paranoia- Fire throwable that can blind enemy and it can pass the wall.
  • Tailwind- Dash in the direction you’re moving.
  • Bladestorm- Get many knives that you can throw on opponents.
  • Cloudburst- Throw a projectile which will throw a vision-blocking cloud.
  • Updraft- You can float up to otherwise-unreachable.
  • Trapwire- A tripwire which slows enemies and reveals their location — but enemies cant see the tripwire.
  • Cyber Cage- Drops an AOE screen that slows opponents, obscures vision and is signaled by an audio cue.​
  • Spycam- Throws a camera  that can signal where enemys are.
  • Neural Theft- Its throws a device to the dead enemy which can show us where the rest enemy are.
  • Paint Shells- Explodes and deals damage by Throwing a cluster grenade.
  • Showstopper- Uses a rocket launcher that give damage over a large area.
  • Boom Bot- Walks across the floor and later explodes, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Blast Pack- Throws like Semtex grenades or C4. Can be triggered.


  • Sky Smoke- You can drop many smoke on the map
  • Orbital Strike- Select an area on the map and a laser damages all inside the blast radius.
  • Stim Beacon- It increase the fire rate. Both teammates and enemies a like can use this.
  • Incendiary- A grenade launcher that fires off an incendiary round.

Valorant Maps:

When the game will be launched there will 4 maps as Riot said, But in the beta released there is only 2 map available –

  • Haven
  • Bind

more maps come after the release but it’s not confirmed yet how many it will be.

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